Friday, October 27, 2017

Looking for a possition in Leicester - ICT 400 hours

I'm looking forward to find a company where an English-native student of ICT could do a practical training of 400 hours. The host company could but does not need to pay the student. The student grandparents live in Leicester, so accomodation would be solved in that area and we also have budget for flights and the stay. If you think your company might be interested, don't doubt and contact with us. Thanks a lot, Kico Borràs

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Our High School, IES Joan Ramis i Ramis, is looking for host companies to send its students for a stay of 400 hours training. This is embedded in the «On job training» subject of our vocational studies of Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks.

IES Joan Ramis i Ramis - Menorca

Tasks that the students might do at the company:
  • Hardware repairs
  • Install and set-up Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Develop simple web sites
  • Install and set-up CMS (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • Database related tasks
  • Basic Computer Network management
  • Multimedia editing
  • Etc.

Requirements for the Host Company:
  • Having suitable work to be done by the Students.
  • Having an ICT tutor at the company that helps the Student and is in contact with the School tutor (videoconference with School tutor every two weeks)
  • Fill in all training documents, with our help
  • The company doesn’t need to pay the students
Student / High School prepares:
  • Presentation letters and Curriculum of the students. Possibility of having a video-conference with the students’ prior acceptance. The company might accept or not each individual student.
  • Erasmus+ funds students’ flights and on-site expenses thanks to our own project.
  • Online course of the target language
  • Training program
  • Flights for students
  • Travel insurance
  • Help finding accommodation for students (any help of the host company is welcomed)
  • Help travelling
  • Video conference with students every two weeks

IES Joan Ramis i Ramis Charter for Higher Education

Exemples of senior students that have been abroad:
Kico Borràs Palmer
+34 971 360 133